Webinar: Can a Spouse Refuse to Cooperate in the MassHealth Application Process?

Must both spouses always cooperate when there is a MassHealth Application for one of them?

Join us to learn about when an individual may refuse to cooperate on their spouse’s MassHealth application, and whether that is a good idea. We will be joined by our guest speaker Attorney Jamie Knudson from Knudsen Burbridge, PC. in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

In this webinar we will be covering:

  • Is it possible for one spouse to refuse to cooperate on a MassHealth Application?
  • In what situations would it be suggestible to not cooperate on a spouse’s MassHealth Application?

The opinions expressed in this webinar are the opinions of Attorney Brian Barreira and Attorney Jamie Knudsen on the law as written as of the date of the webinar recording, March 17, 2022. The information presented in the webinar is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for individualized legal advice.

The webinar transcript can be accessed through the link below.